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We are grateful to Rockland Advisors, and Pam & Hal Ulvestad for their generous support for Norway House, and all of their efforts to make the building a reality.   Hal has worked tirelessly to guide the organization with the real estate strategy.


Your business real estate assets are more than the “bricks and mortar” in which you operate.  Real estate decisions can directly impact other important aspects of running a business in today’s highly competitive economy.  Businesses that effectively manage their real estate assets can gain a critical advantage over the competition.


Companies should have a real estate strategy to ensure that their real estate provides functional and financial support for core business operations.  Consider the following:


§  Real estate occupancy costs are typically one of the three largest annual operating expenses together with personnel and information technology.  However, these occupancy costs are often not effectively measured and managed.


§  Recruiting and retaining effective people can be a challenge.  Real estate location and build-out can help or hinder recruiting, retention and productivity.


§  The pace of business change is increasing.  Companies must be able to adapt quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  Workspace should be flexible to accommodate changes in headcount, workflow and advances in technology.


Rockland Advisors provides commercial real estate counsel and support to businesses that do not have fully dedicated real estate management on staff.  This enables management to devote its fully attention and resources to core business functions knowing that professionals are paying full attention to optimizing the support its real estate assets are providing.


Hal Ulvestad, president of Rockland Advisors, has over 35 years of commercial real estate experience. Rockland Advisors has the ability to evaluate a client’s real estate needs and the flexibility to select the best qualified team of experts that can deliver the necessary consulting and brokerage services to satisfy those needs.



For more information contact:

Hal Ulvestad

4780 Regents Walk

Shorewood, MN 55331



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